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Jude's Blog
Sunday, 14 August 2005
Herbie has ridden again!
Well I've just come back from seeing Herbie fully loaded and I thought it was good! It retained that cheesy kitsch feel of the old ones and had Lindsay Lohan in it.

The other people I saw it with didn't think that much of it but they liked the descent so I'm not sure if their in opinion in this instance is very valid.

On a different subject I start college on the 29th which is really soon, it's scarily soon, eeep! I don't want to study! Nooo!

But on the plus side my new ceiling is almost finished! Yippee! My room redecorating is going well and I've decided what my new wardrobe will look like.

Bye for now,


Posted by hey-jude88 at 6:46 PM BST
Saturday, 13 August 2005
I should hope not! After all you're on my blog, but incase you are, here are some games.

Posted by hey-jude88 at 3:05 PM BST
Updated: Saturday, 13 August 2005 3:06 PM BST
New ceiling for me!
Well last night was very fun, after work and jean shopping I got the bus (I love getting the bus it's like a mini adventure because I'm never sure if I'll get to where I'm trying to get to!) into Princess street and met some peoploids. We then went to Mama's pizza place and stuffed ourselves with garlic bread, nachos and marshmallow pizza!

We then came back into Linlithgow and met Ross, Binnie and Gav in the pub and were merry. I then collapsed into bed at 1am and slept, slept, slept.

And right now I'm very happy because I've got the weekend off work and I'm getting a new ceiling!



Posted by hey-jude88 at 1:05 PM BST
Friday, 12 August 2005
My future career
My dreams of studying Hamlet for a living were destroyed when I discovered I'd "achieved" a no award for advanced higher English.

However I did achieve an A in int 2 maths, a B in French and an A in Photography!

So obviously I will become a photographer (take that Alan!) and move to France!

I'll post some examples of my "talent" below, answering the age old question what would happen if giant cats tried to take over the world?

Link to Photo Album Giant Cat Photos!

Posted by hey-jude88 at 11:04 AM BST
Updated: Friday, 12 August 2005 11:23 AM BST
Tuesday, 9 August 2005
My first entry
Hey there, I've finaly done it! I've created a website! mwah ha ha ha ha!

So I think I should start off with a little about my self. I'm short but it's all good because there's more oxygen down here. I have dark blonde hair and bluish/greyish/greenish eyes.

I work in the Back of House at Monsoon and when I'm not there I'm either at someone's house singing really loudly to Kelly Clarkson, shopping, down the pub (drinking coke, hard core!), on the phone or just being lazy.

One of my best friends in the entire world is Mel, we understand each other. I have a love of all things cheesy from foody substances to music and films. My favourite singer ever is Britney Spears and my favourite band is Queen.

I'll update this soon I promise!



Posted by hey-jude88 at 8:45 PM BST

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