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Jude's Blog
Monday, 3 October 2005
Long time no see
So much has happened since I last posted!

Everyone has moved away apart from little old me and wossy. We're still in Linlithgow plotting on all you bitches.

Collegio is going pretty well, my modern studies teacher is a bit boring as is my maths teacher, one of my sociology teachers reminds me of the one and only melanie fallawallagher and the other is a communist.

Monsoon is going well and I should be getting a pay rise this month!!!!

I miss you all!



PS Sarah where is the blog you promised to set up? Hmmmmm?

Over thow the bourgeois rule!!! Comrades!!

Posted by hey-jude88 at 1:40 PM BST
Wednesday, 7 September 2005
Winding people up is fun!
Today was pretty crappy in many ways but Binnie and Gav really brightened up my day. It's so fun to wind them up. Hee hee. Thankyou Binnie, thankyou Gavin.

But I feel a little bad about it so to make it up to you, you may like this website, depending on how morbid you're feeling.

Posted by hey-jude88 at 8:15 PM BST
Sunday, 4 September 2005
College Rocks!
I'm loving college! Cool People, cool subjects, it's just really good! I've cut down my hours at work from 16 to 12 though so I can get the grade I need for uni though.

This week has been really hectic, my first week at college and work, I'm learning how to juggle that and trying to see my friends every so often.

Last night was Sarah Morris's party, wasn't very good and I was soooo tired from work and college I bailed early. Nobody was in a party mood and Mel wasn't there. . .

Today I'm being miss DIY, I'm painting! So far I've done one coat of my posterboard, it's a masterpiece already.

One final thing before I got and have lunch, they're selling vintage milk bottles in monsoon right now, I'm not kidding. What kind of pretentious prat is going to buy some and put them outside their door? Honestly. . .

Posted by hey-jude88 at 12:44 PM BST
Friday, 26 August 2005
As you can tell it's 3 days until I start college, shock! Horror! I don't wanna go!

I think I need to go into therapy my magazine habit is getting out of hand, I'm barely reading them now before moving onto the next one! I've got through 5 magazines in 3 days! This is bad.

My brother is now back up in Aberdeen in his new flat, I don't really miss him when he goes away, I mean I like him but it's nice to have a break from all that sibling stuff.

Pay day is nearing!!! Exciting! Next Wednesday I'll be soooo happy.

I have another piece of exciting news as well! I'm getting the internet in my room! Woooohoooo! Talking about my room, it's coming along nicely, the walls have been touched up, the new carpets down, the new ceiling and wardrobe are almost finished. . . I WILL post poctures of final result.

Sorry about not updating in a while, I'm lazy.

Posted by hey-jude88 at 5:34 PM BST
Sunday, 21 August 2005
She'll have fun fun fun till her daddy takes the t bird away
I'm having a lot of fun this weekend.

Yesterday during work I had 2 hours of my shift were it was just me, so I cranked up the volume on the CD player and rocked out to "teenage dirtbag", then I watched a little bit of the X factor but I can't watch people's dreams being destroyed. I then headed over to Hannah's where someone ate all the haribo eggs and we all scoffed a lot of doritos.

Today on my day off I headed into monsoon and bought 6 tops which cost me ?40 all together, but if I didn't have my discount they would have cost me ?160!!!! I also visited the clinique counter.

So I've had a lotta fun this weekend but alas soon all my fun will end because as you can tell by my counter I start college in 8 days! Eeeep!

Posted by hey-jude88 at 2:16 PM BST
Friday, 19 August 2005
The 80s rock dude!
I had a quiet night in watching 13 going on 30 with my horcrux mel. We had fun and ended up dancing to cheesy 80s music, good times. My room decorating is going well, it turns out I'm getting a new carpet because my old one is soaked with modulin. I have been getting demands for pictures, they will come when I am finished. I start college really soon, too soon, so I'll take a page out of Ross's book and start a counter.

Posted by hey-jude88 at 2:47 PM BST
Updated: Friday, 19 August 2005 2:48 PM BST
Wednesday, 17 August 2005
Remember to check when the last train is!
Yesterday was good and bad, the bad was that I went into work to discover that I didn't need to be there because they had changed the rota! Again! I had tried to check it yesterday but they hadn't put it up again. Damn those monsoon people! I worked though and have been given Thursday off because of that, wooohoooo!!!!

Well after that I met up with Mel and we travelled into Edinburgh and met up with Binnie, Gav, Hannah and Sarah C. Then we went to Binnie's dad's pub! And got everything half price! What it is to have connections. . .

After that we went to see stand up comic Dara O Briain who was really funny and then headed to the pub for a tipple. Alas if only we had left straight after the show. . .

We arrived at the station to find out that the last train had left 15 minutes ago! Noooooooooo!!!!

We then had to go and try and find a 6 person taxi to take us all the way to Linlithgow!!

It all worked out in the end but let this be a lesson to you children, always check the train times yourself! Never rely on your brother to do it for you.

Over and out,


Posted by hey-jude88 at 9:45 AM BST
Sunday, 14 August 2005
Herbie has ridden again!
Well I've just come back from seeing Herbie fully loaded and I thought it was good! It retained that cheesy kitsch feel of the old ones and had Lindsay Lohan in it.

The other people I saw it with didn't think that much of it but they liked the descent so I'm not sure if their in opinion in this instance is very valid.

On a different subject I start college on the 29th which is really soon, it's scarily soon, eeep! I don't want to study! Nooo!

But on the plus side my new ceiling is almost finished! Yippee! My room redecorating is going well and I've decided what my new wardrobe will look like.

Bye for now,


Posted by hey-jude88 at 6:46 PM BST
Saturday, 13 August 2005
I should hope not! After all you're on my blog, but incase you are, here are some games.

Posted by hey-jude88 at 3:05 PM BST
Updated: Saturday, 13 August 2005 3:06 PM BST
New ceiling for me!
Well last night was very fun, after work and jean shopping I got the bus (I love getting the bus it's like a mini adventure because I'm never sure if I'll get to where I'm trying to get to!) into Princess street and met some peoploids. We then went to Mama's pizza place and stuffed ourselves with garlic bread, nachos and marshmallow pizza!

We then came back into Linlithgow and met Ross, Binnie and Gav in the pub and were merry. I then collapsed into bed at 1am and slept, slept, slept.

And right now I'm very happy because I've got the weekend off work and I'm getting a new ceiling!



Posted by hey-jude88 at 1:05 PM BST

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